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For more than a decade, our team has sold boats and yachts up to 90′ with values in excess of $5mm. While Technology has enabled transformational change, People and Process continue to remain the pillars of our business.

For Buyers, we provide all details necessary to make an informed and knowledgeable offer – prior to driving long distances and/or flying around to see boats without knowing true condition or fair value. As importantly, for buyers, our process saves significant time and money from going to see a boat or yacht, then making an offer only to be rejected.

The process also minimizes gratuitous showings for those with no real intent to make a purchase decision or only with an intent of placing an unrealistic low ball offer.

Bottom line – technology, coupled with a superior process, saves everyone significant time and money, cuts out unnecessary selling costs and translates to significant savings for both the buyer and seller.

SimpliSix sells boats and yachts, but we’re not salespeople.

We provide boats and yachts with all the details necessary to make good purchase decisions. From our rigorous certification process to independent marine surveys and virtual tours – we highlight all the important features AND imperfections.

We provide Customer Advocates standing by to answer any questions you may have; experts to handle every aspect of your sea trial and a team dedicated to handling all facets of closing the deal.

Cutting out unnecessary brokerage costs translates to lower cost for us on every yacht we sell and those savings are passed on to both buyer and seller in four ways: lower prices, exceptional boats and yachts, a better experience, and no hidden fees.

88 2001 Burger MY
85 2012 Ocean Alexander MY
78 2011 Ocean Alexander MY
74 2009 Ocean Alexander MY
68 2010 Ocean Alexander Pilothouse
65 2003 Viking Convertible
65 2002 Ocean Alexander Trawler
57 2004 Ocean Yachts Covertible
61 2001 Viking Convertible
55 2003 Hatteras Convertible
54 1998 Hatteras Extended Deck MY
54 1997 Hatteras Convetible
52 2003 Tiara Express
51 1999 Ocean Alexander Pilothouse
50 2009 Marquis Sport Bridge
50 2002 Sunseeker Express

50 2008 Jeaneau
49 1990 Trintella Double Cockpit
48 1987 Sunward Ketch
48 2009 OA Trawler
47 2006 Riviera Convertible
46 2007 Jeaneau
46 1982 Uniflite MY
46 1977 Bertram Convertible
45 2005 Cruisers Express
45 2001 Buddy Davis Convertible
45 1995 Sea Ray Sedan Bridge
45 1998 Sea Ray Sedan Bridge
43 2005 Mainship Trawler
42 2001 Cruisers Express
41 2000 Tiara Express

40 1985 Hinckley Yawl
39 2004 Silverton Aft Cabin
38 2002 Lagoon Catamaran
38 2007 True North
38 1987 Carver Aft Cabin
38 2009 Back Cove Express
38 2009 Fountain Express
37 2001 Intrepid 377 Walkaroound
36 1980 S2 Yachts
36 1977 Egg Harbor Convertible
35 2005 Cruisers Express
34 2000 Pursuit Center Console
34 2000 Sea Ray Express
33 2003 Grady White Center Console
32 1977 Westsail
32 2005 Regulator Center Console

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