We created SimpliSix to bring boat and yacht brokerage in-line with today’s expectations.  The result: a superior outcome at nearly half the cost.

Our experienced, licensed and bonded brokers focus solely on selling boats and yachts.
Our brokers DO NOT spend hours each day fruitlessly “selling listings” to justify their existence, marketing yacht services in hope of referral fees or any other nonsense.  We focus on selling your boat – direct to buyers or in cooperation with nearly 4000 co-brokerage firms.
We “mega-market” your boat or yacht globally – through traditional platforms and targeted channels using game-changing data and technology.
When you sell with SimpliSix, it immediately goes into our marketing machine. And it really is a technology-driven machine, using data-driven solutions, AI and “pixel technology” to market your boat or yacht where buyers go to buy – including the most popular web platforms (including Yachtworld, Boats.com and more) and targeted channels and remarketing pools to reach highly-targeted buyers. Simply put, more effective exposure means a dramatically better outcome at a fraction of the cost.
We maintain a fully-staffed team ready to answer calls, respond to inquiries and follow-up on any transaction responsibilities.
Our office is open 8:30am to 5pm Monday through Saturday (along with brokers on call each evening and on Sundays). With consistent office hours, real people to answer calls (yes, we hate answering machines as much as you) and laser-focused brokers, we are able to provide a better experience for both buyers and sellers.
Upon sale, our closing specialists ensure that all documents are completed and on file and that funds are processed safely through escrow.
With separate sales and closing functions, we are able to ensure integrity and safety throughout the entire process. Our closing team will perform lien searches, prepare buyer and seller closing statements, execute funds transfers and assist in the documentation process to ensure a completely safe and seamless experience for both buyers and sellers.
You are in control anytime, anywhere and at your convenience with our technology-driven and proprietary client sales portal.
We harness technology to take the stress and confusion out of the transaction.  Just sign-in to your private, secure SimpliSix account to view all inquiries (including broker notes on such things as level of interest, expected showing dates and more), prepared reports, brochures, transaction documents along with next steps to ensure your transaction is completely transparent and hassle-free.
  1. Get Free Yacht Valuation based on Proprietary Comparable Sales Data including sold boat data and others comps available in the market.
  2. to access your secure, personal Transaction Dashboard and view market reports, tips for prepping your boat or yacht and more.
  3. Complete Central Listing Agreement (Online).
  4. Complete Your Vessel Data Form (Online). Keep in mind that we’ll track down the base manufacturer specs for your yacht! This form is intended to educate us on recent updates, options or other items unique to your boat or yacht!
  5. Coordinate a convenient time for our team to formally inspect your yacht and get photos completed.
  6. Review and Approve Listing, Sales Brochure and Digital Marketing (Online).  Make comments, suggestions, additions and/or deletions right from your computer to ensure we market your Yacht in the best light possible.
  7. Review Broker Updates, Notes and Offers 24/7 at your convenience (Online), knowing that your dedicated broker is standing by to discuss or answer any questions you may have.
  8. When Offer is Accepted by you (Seller), we’ll coordinate Sea Trial (and survey, if appropriate).
  9. When Acceptance of Vessel Agreement is executed, the transaction becomes binding. Deposits, will become non-refundable and transaction will move to closing.
  10. We will coordinate closing date and prepare closing package for review and execution. Funds will be dispersed via wire to you on closing day. 100% Painless.  40% Less.
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