Other brokers say “there is no way to sell a yacht for that amount.”

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First and foremost, we have been in the business of boating and yachting for more than a decade: not only maintaining exclusive dealerships for such brands as Ocean Alexander, Horizon, Maritimo, Uniesse, Yellowfin and others (as well as complimentary brokerage businesses); we have also owned multiple marinas and large service yards.  Bottom line – having made tens of millions in investment in this sector alone, we know the boating and yachting business as well as anyone. That said, our low-cost, better-technology business model has been proven for more than a decade.

No differently than Redfin or REX Real Estate (or Charles Schwab, E-Trade or Carvana, to name a few more) – we were not satisfied with status quo and our vision to force positive change within the yachting industry will continue – particularly as we believe we can make a $15 billion brokerage industry work much, much, much better for you.

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