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For nearly 11 years, our parent company has relentlessly challenged the industry to provide more value to consumers throughout the yacht sale process – from more effective marketing and better service to improving technology to allow for significantly lower commissions.

During that time, we have owned one of the most active brokerages (and dealerships) on the East Coast (along with many, many personal purchases and sales of boats and yachts ranging in size from 8’ to 85’). We are fully aware of how the brokerage business operates. We are also aware of what can be improved. That’s why we took a different approach: creating an alternative to antiquated “industry standard” 10% yacht brokerage that (i) reduces transaction costs and (ii) provides a profoundly better customer experience for buyers and sellers.

While SimpliSix is our new brand, People, Process and Technology continue to remain the pillars of our highly successful sales business.  We have the team and technology necessary to provide clients with the best sales experience possible – while saving them thousands – for decades to come.

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