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YES! And, rest assured that all boats and yachts available for sale at SimpliSix go through a rigorous 100+ point inspection before being presented to the public.

You can see as many boats or yachts as you like online along with sales trends, comparable sales data and more with no sales pressure at all. NONE. Feel free to discuss “fair value” with our Customer Advocates and, when you’re ready, make an offer – online – 100% subject to sea trial, your personal inspection and any additional contingencies (such as hull and/or mechanical surveys).

And, when you buy direct through SimpliSix, we  provide you with:

  1. A 100+ point Inspection Report – highlighting important features AND imperfections;
  2. A Free BoatHistory Report- checking for damage including recalls, accidents, collisions, fire, hurricanes, groundings, submersion, seizures and more; and
  3. Reimbursement for an independent, accredited marine survey. While there are certain limitations, just call and we’ll be happy to provide the detail.

Our process simply empowers you to save on your purchase through better technology, better information and better price transparency.

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