Confessions of a Yacht Broker

Not even the most hardened yacht brokers are resistant to a better way to buy and sell boats and yachts.  In this blog, we introduce to you Brian from Sarasota, a yacht broker who has spent the last 11 years selling people on traditional yacht brokerage and why 10% was “the right way”.  Considering SimpliSix mission to make sweeping changes to the status quo, our encounter with Brian seemed highly unlikely based purely on matters of occupation.  But things aren’t always what they seem.  It was a story that begged to be told and one that provides revealing perspective on the difference between the traditional 10% brokerage and SimpliSix.  We hope you enjoy!


As an active participant in the traditional yacht brokerage, what convinced you that SimpliSix process was a better way?

It’s the fact that, when I had potential brokerage clients, I had to meet and greet and sit down and hear the story, learn the story, get the customer, learn the customer. I had to travel around for showings that I knew would not materialize into anything. It was always a long process with so many unnecessary steps…but what you guys do is totally different.  For me, I had access to all of the important information and more importantly, all the time was on me, as the customer, to get everything moving forward.  That was a big, BIG difference.


Was it truly an improvement in your eyes, or did it simply feel like just another way to buy a preowned yacht?

I think after my purchase was complete, one of your Customer Advocates emailed me asking about my experience.  Like I told them, it’s going to be tough to be a yacht broker going forward.  You guys have a better experience and offer much more value even beyond lower transaction costs.  This is something new, and fresh, and I was going to call to see if you guys had any job openings so I could work for you.  Trust me, SimpliSix is a thing…you guys will go down in history for changing the way people purchase and sell boats and yachts.  I give you guys two thumbs up and I love the process that I went through.  It was a very, very simple process.


Did you have any apprehensions about the online process ?

None.  It was just so much simpler and the Customer Advocates were always there to help.


After going through the purchase process with SimpliSix, have your opinions changed on the traditional yacht brokerage process?

Oh, no doubt.  With the internet and your business model, I’m not sure how traditional 10% brokerage continues.  This process was way too easy.


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