From a free 100+ point Yacht Inspection Report and Boat History Report to reimbursement for an independent, accredited marine survey, SimpliSix provides much more than a traditional broker.

Work with experienced, licensed and bonded brokers focused solely on providing counsel for your next boat or yacht.
Our brokers DO NOT spend hours each day fruitlessly “selling listings” to justify their existence or selling ancillary yacht services in hopes of referral fees.  We focus on consulting and representing buyers from initial inquiry through closing and get paid based on your satisfaction.
Get a Free 100+ point Yacht Inspection Report and Independent Boat History Report – prior to survey. Does any other broker do that?
Our Yacht Inspection Report highlights important features AND imperfections, onboard systems operation and potential maintenance areas for consideration.  Additionally, we provide a Boat History Report that documents any recalls, accidents, collisions, fire, hurricanes, groundings, submersion, seizures and more.
Get reimbursed for an independent, accredited marine survey. Again, does any other broker do that?
We want you to get more out of working with us.  That’s why we’re happy to pay for the surveyor of your choice – through a credit at closing – to ensure you make a the right purchase decision.  While there are certain limitations, just call and we’ll be happy to provide the detail.
Upon sale, our closing specialists ensure that all documents are completed and on file and that funds are processed safely through escrow.
With separate sales and closing functions, we are able to ensure integrity and safety throughout the entire process. Our closing team will perform lien searches, prepare buyer and seller closing statements, execute funds transfers and assist in the documentation process to ensure a completely safe and seamless experience for both buyers and sellers.
You are in control anytime, anywhere and at your convenience with our technology-driven and proprietary client buyer portal.
Stay in the know – anytime and anywhere at your convenience. Just sign-in to your private, secure SimpliSix account to view prepared reports, brochures, transaction documents along with next steps to ensure your transaction is completely transparent and hassle-free.
  1. Search Yachts for Sale. View yacht details, specifications, options, recent updates, hundreds of pictures, sales brochures and more.
  2. to view Proprietary Comparable Sales Data including sold boat data, Sales Trends (specific to that vessel) and recent survey (if available) directly through your secure, personal Transaction Dashboard.
  3. Request Sales Comps, Inspection and Boat History Report (Online) – and receive through your Transaction Dashboard knowing that a dedicated broker is standing by to discuss or answer any questions you may have.
  4. Work with one of our Licensed and Bonded Brokers in person, via phone or online (whatever is most convenient for you) to resolve any outstanding questions and ensure you have all details necessary to determine the true condition of the boat or yacht – prior to driving long distances and/or flying around to see a boat or yacht only to be disappointed (saving you significant time and money) .
  5. Make an Offer (Online) – non-binding and subject to satisfactory visual inspection, sea trial and survey at your sole discretion (also, saving you significant time and money from going to see a boat or yacht, then making an offer only to be rejected).  Not comfortable with that?  Simply coordinate a convenient time for you to formally inspect the yacht and then proceed with offer.
  6. If Offer is Accepted by Seller, complete Purchase and Sale Agreement (Online) and get ready to head out on the high seas for a Sea Trial (and survey, if appropriate).
  7. If Vessel Accepted by you (Buyer), complete Acceptance of Vessel Agreement (Online) at which point the transaction becomes binding and will move to closing.
  8. We will coordinate closing date and prepare closing package for review and execution. 100% Painless.  So Much More Value.
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