Since 2007, we have been in the business of boating and yachting – making tens of millions in investment in this sector alone. For decades more, we have been passionate boaters.

From principal ownership in multiple marinas and large service yards (serving recreational, commercial and government vessels from 20’ to nearly 200’) to exclusive dealerships for such brands as Ocean Alexander, Maritimo, Uniesse, Yellowfin and others, we have been able to learn what works, what doesn’t and, most importantly, what drives customer satisfaction. We believe we know the business of boating and yachting as well as anyone and our customer-first, better-technology business model has proven out during this time period.

SimpliSix Offices at 515 N. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, FL

Lowest Fees in Industry

We charge 6% which includes a full 5% co-brokerage payout to ensure active participation among the roughly 4000 cooperating brokerage firms in the US and beyond

Customers Come First

Traditional brokers are judged by how much they make. Our brokers are judged by the service they provide. Because they are not paid on commission, their focus is on you, not chasing new clients.

Highly-Experienced Brokers

With a minimum of 5 years experience and 50 transactions completed, our brokers are there to answer the tough questions and ensure a smooth transaction even during the unexpected

Enhanced Inspections

Our 100+ point Yacht Inspection Report highlights both important features and imperfections so both buyers and sellers get a much better feel for true condition and fair value upfont

Reliance on Technology

From reviewing pre-purchase reports, broker notes and virtual tours to making offers and executing contracts, it’s all done online through our secure client portal – accessible anytime, anywhere

Best-in-Class Marketing

Along with Yachtworld and other MLS, we use data, AI and “pixel technology” to create digital campaigns and remarketing pools to reach highly-targeted buyers with greater efficincy

Capital to Take Trades

When a prospect is interested in your boat, but needs to sell theirs first, deals often fall apart. We seek to bridge that gap by making fair wholesale offers to facilitating your transaction

One Stop Shop

Each SimpliSix broker is supported by a team so you’ll get on-demand service from initial listing to close – including experts in finance, insurance, yacht management and more

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