Designed from the Ground Up

For more than a decade, our team has sold boats and yachts up to 90′ with values in excess of $5mm. However, we couldn’t stop thinking about how different boat and yacht brokerage would be if it were designed from the ground up, using technology and totally different values, to put customers first. So we joined forces with brokers who wanted to be customer advocates, not salesmen. Since these were our own brokers, we could survey each customer on our service and pay a bonus based on the review. That’s SimpliSix.

We deepened our technology to make the whole process faster, easier and worry-free. And we gave customers more value, not just by saving each thousands in fees, but by measuring our performance and improving constantly. This is how yacht brokerage would be if it were designed just for you, because, well, it was.

We Are Changing The Way People Buy and Sell Boats and Yachts

Over the last 20 years, the Internet has changed the way we live, from booking travel and watching movies to buying cars and homes. The internet makes transactions faster, cheaper to execute, more convenient and generally more secure. Boat and Yacht Brokerage, by contrast, remains stuck in a high-cost business model that pre-dates the Internet and remains stubbornly resistant to change. Harnessed properly, technology can help a lot – already, the vast majority of consumers looking for a boat or yacht go to sites like Yachtworld or to find and eventually select the boats and yachts that best suit their needs.

We created SimpliSix to bring boat and yacht brokerage into line with today’s expectations by using better technology and superior processes to push past the outmoded practices of traditional yacht brokers. The result is a superior outcome for both buyers and sellers at nearly half the cost.

Unlike traditional brokers, our licensed and bonded brokers are salaried and incentivized to satisfy customers rather than to just close transactions in pursuit of a fast commission. Our team partners with sellers and buyers from listing to close, and shares with them the information they need via an easy-to-use web dashboard.

We are bringing boat and yacht brokerage transaction fees way down – enabling consumers to use that money as they see fit – and using technology to make the buying and selling of homes convenient and transparent instead of stressful and complex. That’s SimpliSix

business MISSION
Redefine the way people buy and sell yachts in the customer’s favor.
social MISSION
SimpliSix helps to sustain waterman livelihoods and the waterfronts where they reside though both our efforts and donation. We set aside a portion of all income from selling boats and yachts to provide essential supplies for waterman and working waterfronts. From the waterman out of Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay and the local fisherman from Wanchese, North Carolina to the longliners out of Ketchikan, Alaska – every SimpliSix employee is driven by a desire to give back to families relying on the waters we cruise.
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